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Claim 500 satoshis every 30 minutes! Payments will be sent every week if your balance accumulates more than 50000 satoshis! 25% referral commission

What is BitcoinLatin Faucet ?

Bitcoinlatin is a completely free bitcoin faucet
which rewards its loyal visitors with 500 satoshi every 30 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

withdrawals are completely free and automatic, will be processed and paid directly to your bitcoin wallet for the next 8 days,
as long as your balance is less than 50000 satoshi.

we have an excellent affiliate system or referrals which is to use your personal link to your friends or colleagues
know bitcoinlatin and receive 25% commission of all claimed on the faucet.

Always we want to be in communication with our loyal fans why we invite you to our official Facebook page
where we will announce all about changes, improvements and much more on the faucet.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency conceived in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.
The term also applies to the protocol and the P2P network that supports and common form is called as a digital currency.
Generally "Bitcoin" is used to refer to the network or protocol and "bitcoin" (plural: "bitcoins") to refer to monetary units.

Bitcoin is a currency like the euro or the US dollar, used to exchange goods and services.
However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is a (virtual and intangible) electronic currency that presents novel features and notable for its efficiency, safety and ease of exchange.

Bitcoin is beyond the control of any government, institution or financial institution, whether state or private type, such as the euro,
controlled by the European Central Bank or the dollar by the Federal Reserve the US,
cryptocurrency is produced by individuals and companies from around the world using lots of resources to mining.

For more information about bitcoin visit Bitcoin wikipedia.

How much can I earn?

In BitcoinLatin Faucet you can win 500 satoshi every 30 minutes.
without any limit or quantity, all up to you, the time you spend on the faucet.

How are my earnings paid?

All winnings are reflected in its balance of Bitcoinlatin Faucet and the total balance will be paid directly to your Bitcoin wallet
for the next 8 days of having reached the 50000 satoshis or more.

I can earn more?

Sure, why we drove an excellent referral system where you get 25% of everything your referrals generate.
animate to invite your friends to increase your profits.